Wednesday, October 29, 2008

M's Party

Last weekend M had a birthday party. I picked them all up at school on Friday in the old ugly green church van (that's another story as to why I had the van--not very interesting, except that you should have seen their faces when they saw what they had to ride in!!) We came home and they all went outside. I looked out the kitchen window and this is where they were. They ended up in this tree.

L saw me with the camera and took the next 2 pictures of her sister's friends.

That's M standing on her buddy's head.

I consider a party a success when 1) there is enough food, 2) nobody cries (unless it's because they're watching a chick flick), and 3) they're all still friends when it's time to go home.


  1. I hope your party was a great success. The last criteria is the most difficult to achieve when dealing with that many girls.

  2. How awesome! I missed girls night parties :) heh! WE do that once in a blue moon just to be silly. (hubby's are usually out of town)

    I can't believe they all fit in that small tree! It's probably bigger than it looks but it looks like it will bend over in any minute. hehe! Glad they had a good time.