Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mr. H's Excellent Adventure

At 5:30 this morning, Mr H left Agricola with 4 buddies. They were headed north on their bikes to meet up with another buddy in Meridian then head east. Some of them are old hands at long distance road trips, others are newbies.

He called me about 10:15 this morning from Birmingham. They were making good time considering how foggy it was this morning.

When we first heard about this trip, I thought I might get to go. Then I learned that it was a guys only venture. Originally they were going to ride straight through to Gatlinburg. Some of the guys thought that was too far for one day's travel. The plan now is to stay overnight in Georgia, then to push on to Gatlinburg tomorrow. They plan to ride the Dragon at Deal's Gap. Mr. H and I did that last year on our trip to Ashville.

I love the name: Motorcycle Resort. It's not what you expect with a name like that!

This is the Tree of Shame. If you wreck on one of the 318 turns on this 11 mile stretch of road, you can attach some of the pieces to this tree. None of those pieces are ours: we made it without incident!

I hope they have a good time. Mr. H doesn't go out with the guys much. He and I are best friends and most of the time, that's the only company we need. He almost said "No" to the trip, when I couldn't go. I made it clear that I would not be the reason he missed this opportunity!

Have a good time, Babe! Your girls are all going shopping tomorrow after school!!!!

Update: Mr. H just called again. They are in Calhoun, GA, and all checked in at their hotel. Now they are headed to the Long Horn for dinner.

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