Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just a Day

Yesterday I headed out early on my way to Jackson to take care of some business with my brother. It was incredibly foggy when I started out.
Cruisin' the Coast is going on this weekend. I came upon this guy headed north. I guess he couldn't stay for all the festivities. I really like the trailer.

My brother and I met at 10 at the bank but weren't able to finish our stuff before another important appointment. Why I didn't take pictures I don't know, but luckily someone else did. Here are some links.

After another quick trip back to the bank, we were done there. I love my mom's banker, Terry. She and I claim to be sisters since we seemed to share my mother. Terry was not getting much help from her co-workers, but she managed to get us settled. My mom loved her and I do, too.

I had another appointment that afternoon with my brother, and then it was time to head home. But first I stopped by my mom's house to take a picture of this bedside table. I have a friend looking for some furniture to go in a new guest bedroom and wanted to see if she'd like this. (The lamp, however, is not part of the deal!)

M was spending the night with a friend and then going shopping today. She called me on the way home to see if I could bring her some money in the morning before they left. She and her buddy were shopping for Twin Day of Spirit Week. I don't know what they'll be getting, but it will match. I finally got home a bit before 9 p.m.

Taking the funds to M this morning, I stopped by Courtyard Lane for some cat food. The drivers of this vehicle were inside eating breakfast.

While I was away yesterday, Mr. H finished the swing set. The new one is wider and taller than the last one. The girls aren't so close together when they swing and the exhaust pipe of the tractor will fit beneath it when we mow the grass.

Update: my hips are too wide for this type of swing!


  1. Pretty dog :)

    That lamp is FANTASTIC!

  2. Cotton is the dog's name. Mr. H wanted to name her Fang, but the girls said NO!!

    There are a couple of lamps like that. One for me and one for Rexi. There is a little tiny one that she used for a nightlight, too.