Monday, October 13, 2008

Mr. H's New Toy

Mr. H has a new toy. He just picked it up from the John Deere dealer in Lucedale. He stopped by my office to let me see and I took this picture. Somehow, all the guys here missed the fact that he brought it by. They were all disappointed that they didn't get a chance to ogle it in person (or should that be "in machine"?)

Here's what "new greenness" is replacing: "old redness."

The old red Wheel Horse is about 40 years old. It still runs well, just not speedily. The offset trail mower will be pulled behind the new Deere and move twice as fast, significantly cutting down on time spent mowing about 8 acres. Wheel horses are collectible, so we may be able to recoup part (a small part) of the price tag for the Deere.

I'm still on the old blue Ford, but my hours are reduced because Mr. H is now up to speed.

1 comment:

  1. We have that same JD :) heh! And an "ol blue" ford as well. I will take a picture of him as soon as he gets his new shoe back on!! We had a MAJOR blowout. We have been using my brother's Mahindra until we got the new tire for Blue. heh!

    Our JD is as shiny & pretty as yours, its very worn after 5 years of serious cutting, but you will LOVE IT!
    Have fun!