Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Family Heirloom

I finally got something I've always wanted: a painting by Jere Real. This one was my mother's. It was at our house for as long as I can remember, growing up. When our mom passed away recently, I asked my brother if he minded if I took it. Since there were 2 of Jere's cityscapes in the house, we each got one that we liked. You may never have heard of Jere, but I grew up knowing him: he's my mom's oldest brother. I've been looking at and admiring his artwork all my life. I had this "New York Scene-1960" rematted this week and it's now hanging over our fireplace.

Jere is one of those guys that has tried just about everything. I copied this from Lynchburg College's Exhibition Schedule:

Jere Real: 50 Years of Photographs

For thirty years, beginning in 1969, Jere Real was a professor of English and film at Lynchburg College. This was just one of his careers in his life of 74 years, which included the U.S. Air Force, the recording industry, news reporting, and photography. This exhibition of Jere Real's photography covers literary and political figures at Lynchburg College, other literary, entertainment and music figures, and photos of Golden Gloves boxing tournaments. Jere Real did not set out to have his photographs in exhibitions, and only discovered the negatives and photos recently while cleaning his garage.
Homecoming Lecture and Reception: Saturday, October 11, 2 p.m.

His photography exhibit was also shown earlier this year at the Lancaster Literary Guild in Lancaster, PA. I have a postcard of the photo of Eudora Welty that appears in the announcement.

You may be wondering how he could loose that much stuff in his garage. This photograph of Jere's cars appeared recently in Motor Trend. He is the original owner of the dark blue Corvette. His mother, my grandmother, was the original owner of the white Riviera just behind it.

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  1. Hello Mrs. H: My name is Dale Robinson, a good friend of Jere Real , an LC student from 76-80, and now so sad about his passing in November, 2013. I am putting together a website in his honor. If you have any stories or photos you wish to contribute, please email me at grsriding@msn.com ? The website is under construction: www.robertjerereal.com