Sunday, August 3, 2008

Get That Nose!

Here's another picture I found at Mom's house. My brother took this one. My eldest is in the middle, holding my brother's oldest son and M (our middle daughter). This is such a great picture. I think it's the last in a series of about 3 shots taken. In the first two, the babies are posing very nicely, looking at the camera. I don't remember what happened to make them attack the eldest's nose, but it must have been a conspiracy.

I just noticed that she is holding on to her cousin with both hands, while M is perched up there with no support. I think the little man was a little more wiggly and she was afraid she'd loose him! This picture is about 13 years old. The babies will have 14th birthdays in October (they are 12 days apart) and the eldest will be 20 in November. Boy, time flies!

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