Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lost & Found

When I left work to go stay with my mom at the hospital in Brandon, I left my coffee cup in the kitchen at church like I always do. I was in and out for about a month and didn't think too much about it. Once I was back in full swing, I started looking for my cup. I couldn't find it anywhere. Not in my office, not at home, not in any of the usual places in the church kitchen. I wondered if maybe it had been broken in my absence. After all, VBS took place while I was gone. If you know anything about a bible school kitchen, you know that just about ANYTHING could happen (and usually does!)

Today, as I was rearranging filing cabinets to make room for my new couch (see below) I needed twist ties or tie wraps to get some cables under control. I was hunting in the kitchen (you never know what you'll find in there: we actually found a bundle of Sunday night offering there 6 months after the date because the ushers couldn't get to the safe and forgot to tell us!!) and there on the top shelf with the clear glass plates and glasses were my and my co-worker's coffee mugs. Both of these mugs hold special places in our hearts. As you can tell by the date on mine, it's 26 years old. It was given to me as I stood in line for graduation from MSU in May of 1982. I don't think I could ever get another one like it. My co-worker's cup is even older than mine. She's a couple of years older than me and her best friend gave it to her when they were in elementary or junior high school. We did a little victory dance in honor of the reunion.


  1. I hate I missed the victory dance.

  2. I noticed your computer screen is on Marshall's Blog website. Cool.

    I'd say that cup is almost priceless. My Dad was a huge State fan.

  3. OB, you got some good eyes!!!