Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another Trip Down the Stream

It happened again: another float down the stream of consciousness.

first the stream, then the translation:

....took a time-out from the Shadows study....hurricane time-out....last year's heat time-out during a tropical storm....heat time-outs

When posting the Shadows entry last night, I realized that it had been a while since the previous Shadows post. I guess I took a hurricane time-out. Last year, I remember going to a George County football game during the remnants of a hurricane, Humberto, I think. I remember the hood of my rain poncho beating against the side of my face. It was in September, so the game officials had to call the mandatory heat time-outs in each quarter, even though we were quite cool with the combination of wind and wet and wanted that game over as soon as possible. In Mississippi, and probably other southern states, high school football games in September have a heat time-out each quarter to rehydrate the teams: don't want any heat-related tragedies on the field.

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