Thursday, September 25, 2008

Keep Looking Up

DC, our maintenance guru, just came into my office, broom in hand, and asked if I wanted to see something funny. My first response was self-defensive: "Is it a snake?" He assured me that it was not a snake, so I followed him out onto the front porch of our office. He had been getting rid of spider webs and dirt dobber nests. One of those mud nests was on the side of a light fixture on the porch. When he reached up with the broom handle and bumped the cover of the light, I was expecting something to fly out.

"Aww, he's gone!" he said.
"Who?" I asked.
"The mouse," he answered.

Apparently there had been a mouse running around inside the plastic cover of the fluorescent light fixture, probably hunting bugs. When DC came to get me, it took the opportunity to make his escape. Now I will be anticipating mice attacking from above every time I go out there.


  1. Nice picture. I can just see a little colony of mice yelling (in high squeaky voices, of course), "Quick! Here comes the financial secretary! Attack!!!"

  2. I especially liked the goggles.

    This was the only picture I could find of a mouse in a parachute...go figure

  3. If you would like me to come deal with your mouse problem, let me know.