Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mr. H

Today is Mr. H's birthday. He wanted to ride up to Hattiesburg this morning, so as soon as the girls were delivered to school, off we went. As we turned onto Hwy 49, I could see something up in the sky. As it moved closer, I recognized the Goodyear Blimp! By then, we had stopped in at Hattiesburg Cycle, so I pulled out the camera. (You can click on the picture and read the "Goodyear")

We had a good time just looking around. Mr. H got a new pair of riding boots and a new face shield for his helmet. We had lunch and headed back to George County so we'd be on time to pick up the girls. (Had to get to the house to get the car first!)

I remembered that I still had the camera in my pocket, so I took some pictures as we got within a few miles of the house.
We cross this river at least twice a day. It's the Escatawpa, but is locally known as the Dawg River, not to be confused with the actual Dawg River in Mobile County.

The next few are what would be considered our neighborhood. I love the look of these hay bales just after they have been harvested.

This last picture is our next door neighbor's place. They used to live in the upper level of the barn, then built a house behind it.

Tonight we went to Bass Pro Shoppe and let Mr. H pick out his birthday present. Here's the one he picked. We know what he'll be doing tomorrow.

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