Friday, September 12, 2008

Mrs. Jones, the secret blogger

I always knew Mrs. Jones was not like other cats.

I was busy baking this morning and my laptop was on the kitchen table. I turned around and there she was: exposed as a lurker on the MRBA.

I left the room a bit later and found this when I came back: I think she has a secret blog! I'll have to investigate.


  1. That is PRICELESS!!! She knew she would be welcome, especially with coop and me in there too...heh. She's a pretty lady! I *heart* tuxedo cats!

  2. LOL! This is great!
    She's a beautiful lady.

  3. She is so PRETTY! I have laughed so hard at her sitting there...We will all have to start saying HELLO to MRS JONES!

    My Rufie likes to lay accross the keys and pat my fingers when I type. :) Cats are so much fun! haha

  4. She looks all serious... maybe writing political commentaries!

  5. What a pretty little lady. Our Ruth amazingly walks all around the computer but never steps on the keyboard.