Saturday, September 27, 2008

POST #200

Today was spent mostly outdoors, accomplishing some projects, planned and surprised. The unplanned project was setting up his birthday present, the weather station we got for him last night at Bass Pro Shop.

I took pictures of the progress. Here he is mounting the wind gauge and temperature & pressure sensor. They are mounted on a corner post of what, at one time, was the back deck of our mobile home. When we built the house, we moved it out into the middle of the yard for the girls to play on. It went from being the deck to being a fort.

Here are a couple more of the weather station on the fort.

The rain gauge needed to be mounted on a level surface about 3 feet off the ground. Wandering around Lowe's this morning, we decided on a PVC post with a flange on top. It's close to the propane tank so it doesn't create a new obstacle to mow around.

All the sensors are wirelessly connected to this command center. Tomorrow the plan is to get it all to download to Mr. H's computer. We're hoping we can set up a feed to weather underground. There's not anything located in George County there.

The planned projects were making a secure place for our garbage cans and working on the TV antenna. Mr. H is, at this moment, watching a game on ABC. The only reason he's not watching it on channel 13, WLOX, is because they are not broadcasting it in HD. Channel 3 from Pensacola is in HD. We haven't been able to watch 13 for a while without putting up with digital breakup. Earlier today, Mr. H aimed both the mid-range antennas toward the west and the UHF long range portion of our old antenna to the east. All our stations a screaming now.

And, last but not least, we can sleep soundly tonight knowing that our garbage will still be closed and upright in the morning, no matter what raccoons or rogue dogs do to them.


  1. Congrats on your 200th post! There is a great website that will print your blog into book form if you are interested:

  2. So apparently I come by my interest in weather honestly...