Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Call from Camp

The phone just rang. I recognized the name on the caller ID as the name of the resort where M's camp is being held. I answered it. It was Lanny Donoho. I knew that name. He is the driving force behind so many of the neat things happening in children's and student ministries. Big Stuf Camps is one of his things. The first thing he said was that M wasn't in trouble, she was fine, she was standing with him in front of 1500 people that wanted to say "Hello" to me. There was a roar in the background. Then he told M to say, "Hey, Mom" which she did. (M was probably a deep shade of red at this point.)

Then he told me why he was calling. Apparently, they get the campers to write letters about people back home who they think are special. Now, I don't believe that that many kids would pick me without some prompting from someone, but I guess someone prompted! I asked what sort of stuff they wrote that would make him call me. Lanny said they wrote that I worked at the church and gave the pastors more help than they deserved (Dusty, our youth pastor, must have written that). They had written about my loosing my mom and that's why I wasn't there with them. Then Lanny told me that they were sending, by M, a CD of the songs they were doing, a DVD of the worship, and a T shirt from camp. They yelled "Good-bye, Misty!" 1500 strong. Lanny said they prayed for me tonight. Then he said he hopes I get to come next year and to introduce myself to him. Wow! I am blown away... Not by the call from, in my book, a famous person, but by the fact that kids I know thought enough about me to write such nice things about me. I'll be on cloud nine for quite some time.

I'm happy...I just hope M survived being singled out in front of that many people.


  1. What a great thing to be missed. Your poor girl... I know she was mortified on the outside but proud on the inside.

  2. Kelsie was SO excited about the call. It was one of the first stories about camp she told us. I'm so glad they chose to call you.