Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I learned a new word today: ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee)

I had seen this word before. There is actually a road in the Agricola community named Ceilidh Drive. A friend of mine lives there. I never think to ask her about when I see her, though.

I came across it in a different context today. I was listening to Pandora radio and checked out the background information on a song that caught my attention. Part of the description contained that word ceilidh. Now I was curious and as a friend of mine always says, "Google is a wonderful thing." So I googled it.

I've always had a thing for Celtic music. It just speaks to something inside me. We have quite a few CDs of Celtic music, traditional and more modern. Eileen Ivers is one of my favorites. You can go to her website and check out some of the links. She is part of the orchestra on my Riverdance DVD.

I wish I understood Gaelic. There is always the possibility that I'm listening to something that I shouldn't when I don't understand the words. I don't think I could pronounce most of it, so there is no fear that I'll be repeating something that might be offensive.

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