Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mystery of Meriwether Lewis

I didn't know that there was controversy concerning the passing of Meriwether Lewis. On our way north last week, we passed a marker on the Natchez Trace for his burial place. We checked it out.

I love the wording on this monument: "His melancholy death Occurred where this monument now stands and under which rest his mortal remains."

I like the wording on this plaque, too: "Beneath this monument...reposes the dust of Meriwether Lewis. ... His life of romantic endeavor and lasting achievement came tragically and mysteriously to its close on the night of Oct, 11, 1809."

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  1. I've enjoyed reading about your trip. Sounds like y'all had a bunch of fun.

    I don't do heights either, especially tall buildings and sky lifts.