Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pictures I didn't take (but could have)

There are some places that we passed on our trip, but didn't stop or take pictures. As we passed through Bowling Green, KY, I saw a very unusual structure off to my left. Mr. H informed me that it was the Corvette Museum. The factory that produces Corvettes is right up the road from the museum. I got this picture from this site:

As we rode into Lexington, KY, we were definitely in horse country. The white fence seemed to go on forever. We could see the red and green trimmed buildings over quite a bit of the property. Mr. H said that we might even recognize the name of the farm if heard it. Heck, it might even be Calumet Farm. Boy, is he good! That's exactly what it was. We saw horses on the property. We may have been looking at a billion dollars worth of horse! I got this picture from a Commercial Appeal story about the farm.

We also saw this piece of property just down the road from Calumet farm. I thought it was something new under construction: maybe new horse money building something ostentatious. Wrong! It was begun in 1969, left unfinished due to divorce, was later sold and refinished, only to catch fire. It is being finished again and should be done this fall. You can read about it here and here. I got this picture from which I think I got to from

On our way home Friday morning, we saw this water tower in Florence, KY. This picture is on wikipedia's article about the water tower. When it was pained to call attention to the "Florence Mall" it was in violation of sign laws. The cheapest way to remedy the violation was to paint over the vertical sides of the letter M and turn it into a Y. You can read the wikipedia article.

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