Sunday, July 13, 2008

End of the Day

I left the house this evening while it was still daylight. We had a rain this afternoon and there were still lingering clouds of blue and gray. I looked to the south and thought it was clear. Then I noticed that the moon, a week away from full, had a hazy look about her. There was a thin layer of clouds veiling her face.

When I turned west, I saw that the veils of the moon had earth-bound kin. The road was covered with a thin fog seeping into the trees. As I picked up speed, the damp, cool air swirled into the warmth of the car. Up ahead, the sun appeared to have fallen into a well of clouds, illuminating the side walls of his captor. I never saw the sun before it disappeared below the horizon, taking the light with it.

What a beautiful end to a wonderful day. And tomorrow will be even better.

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