Thursday, July 10, 2008

One Trip Down

M is back from her trip. She brought me back a really cool T-shirt, a CD and some DVDs. It was her first summer trip with our youth group. L leaves tomorrow to go to Kid's camp. She comes back Sunday. Then it's our turn. We leave Monday morning. I bought food that should be pretty easy for them to fix.

Our freezer is on the fritz again. I think this happens every year before Mr. H and I leave. Last year it was the leaking roof and the oven not working. We'll figure it out when we get back. There are some traits of my mother's that I choose not to embrace, and one of them is worrying about everything and thinking that everything bad happens to me. It's just a thang and thangs happen.

L is watching "The Empire Strikes Back." Having just seen the latest Indiana Jones this past weekend, it's neat to see Harrison Ford 25 years in the past.

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