Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 2

We left Nashville early Tuesday morning. As we passed the state line into Kentucky, we noticed trucks backed up in the southbound lane. We passed mile after mile of trucks. We stopped at the information center and got a map and Mr. H talked to the guy inside. Apparently, Homeland Security was making that weigh station inspect EVERY truck coming across the line. It was 3 miles from the station to the info center. Looking north, the line went as far as you could see.

Don't you know the guy driving this truck was glad he was headed north instead of south!

Our next stop was at Mammouth Cave in Kentucky. I got a shot like this one, but it was fuzzy, so I copied this one from Wikipedia.

Most of the pictures I tried to take inside didn't come out. The flash was too weak for the distances involved. Here is Mr. H ducking under a low clearance area. There were places where he said he left a few epithelials on the ceiling.

I had heard about Fat Man's Misery. It is a very narrow channel that you have to walk through sideways for the most part. Notice the feet of the guy that was in front of me. The overhead clearance in this part is low, too. You can see it over my head and I'm right at 5' tall. You can see how much the man in front of me is leaning over. Some of the places were a really tight squeeze!

We left the cave a bit after noon and got back on the road. We took Hwy 70 to 31E and stopped by the birth place of Lincoln. We both slept through the film of his life, narrated by Burgess Meridith.
From there we took Hwy 61 to Elizabethtown to hit the Bluegrass Parkway to take us to Lexington. We didn't actually stop in Elizabethtown. I know my girls will be disappointed. That is the title of a movie they are fond of. Then we hit I-75 which took us into Ohio. Cincinnati is just across the border. We are actually in a suburb called Millford.


  1. I am claustrophobic just seeing you in that cave!

  2. I agree deanna! no caves for me.