Tuesday, July 22, 2008

L's Hair

L has been wanting a hair cut for a while now. Her appointment is set for 5:30 this afternoon. She says she wants 10 inches cut off. (probably to send to locks of love) Her eldest sister will not be happy! When it's hanging straight down (and not swinging in the wind) it reaches to her waist. It is fairy princess hair: red and curly. I'm sure it will be just as beautiful when it's cut, just not as plentiful. It will be much easier for her to manage by herself. Mr. H won't mind. His motto is: Do what you want to your hair, just don't whine when it's done. He's not a hair guy! (See pictures here.)


  1. Simply gorgeous, but my husband has a similar motto but he also says, "It will always grow back!" Plus Locks of Love is such an amazing organization. She will be doing something awesome besides just getting her haircut!

  2. I know how many comments she (and her sister) get about their red hair. Imagine loosing that trademark to cancer. Maybe she can help someone get some normalcy back.