Sunday, July 13, 2008

Makes Me Wonder

I got a small package in the mail yesterday. It was from the funeral home. It contained 7... I'll call them oversize bookmarks for lack of a better term. They are pretty, I guess. The front has several pink roses and the Twenty-Third Psalm. That was the verse Dr. T based the message on. That is all okay. I turn it over and there is my mother's obituary write-up. I find that a bit strange. Why would I want that? Maybe it's a tradition thing. Going through some of my mother's things, I have found laminated copies of several family members' obituaries. I wondered why she had them. If she'd had this nifty bookmark thing, she'd have appreciated it. Somehow, I just don't get it. They will go into the big green zipper envelope with the cards, registry, and other papers from the funeral home and be discovered by my children when they go through my stuff.

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  1. I've gotten those after every single family member's death, and I don't get it either.