Saturday, June 27, 2009


On Hwy 613, right in front of our church, there are railroad tracks. They run diagonally across the highway. The church is actually on the west side of 613, not on the east like this map shows. I know that because I've been there before! I also know that the little road that looks like it runs north from Cemetery Road isn't really there: The church parking lot is there.

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Yesterday a construction crew dug up the tracks and blocked the road. It's not a big road work area if you're going by space: just enough to block the road. But there is a mighty deep hole right in the middle of the highway.

That part of the road is at the intersection of Barton Agricola Road and Hwy 613. You can get around the mess by cutting through the church parking lot and then, either turning right and continuing on your way down Barton Agricola Road, or making a left down Cemetery Road and another left on whatever the first road to the left is called. Then you'll come back out to Hwy 613 again.

The point is, there are no detour signs. You either know where you're going or you don't. There was a lot of traffic through our church parking lot yesterday and will be again today. I hope those people all know where they are going. Maybe now that they know their way around our parking lot, they'll come in for a visit.

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