Friday, June 12, 2009

Friends of Flat Stanley

Flat Keldon, Flat Sk., Flat Parker, and Flat Sy. came to VBS as stand-ins for their "not-flat" counterparts. (If you never read any Flat Stanley books, check him out here.)

Keldon is a just-finished 6th grader that is having chemo treatments this week. Parker is a just-finished 1st grader that had hip surgery last week. Sk. and Sy. (soon to be 4th grade and kindergarten age) are a brother and sister that will soon be heading (with their parents) to Costa Rica for language school and then on to Lima, Peru as full-time missionaries. These 4 kids would have been here for VBS this week if BIG life hadn't kept them from it. So someone had the great idea to create giant paper dolls of them and to take the "flattened" version to every class, taking pictures along the way. The pictures will be sent to the live 3-D kid showing him or her what they would have been doing had they been able to be here. (El tells me that Flat Keldon got sucked into the A/C intake and had to be rescued... rather wrinkled but still intact!!)

I love the people in charge of our VBS. They "get it."

Note: Thanks to Brittney (who worked with the preschoolers and posted LOTS of pictures to Facebook) I found this picture of Flat Sy. with her class.

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