Sunday, June 14, 2009

Family Reunion in Pearl

We had a Grant family reunion Saturday at the park in Pearl. Mr. H's grandmother, Granny Grant, is 92 years old. That's her in the striped shirt. Her kids, grands-, greats- and even 2 great-greats were in attendance.
It was a beautiful day for a party. We got there at 11 and the breeze was blowing and there were a few puffy clouds. Couldn't ask for a better day in June.

Here's Granny Grant again with one of her daughters (the small one) and 2 granddaughters.

Below is Mr. H's mom, Granny Grant, Caroline, and Brenda. In the past few years, the girls have lost their brother William Hall and their baby sister Judy. But their families were there to represent them.
These are the grandkids. That's Mr. H, the tall guy with no hair! William Hall's kids are on the left, Caroline's kids are on the right. Mr. H's sister couldn't come because the trip from Arizona would have been a bit much for the weekend. Judy's son arrived after the pictures were taken. He didn't get off work until 2. Her daughter is in Chicago with an Academic Competetition Team this week. We let her slide...

These good looking kids are the great grandkids. Em and the eldest are 2nd and 3rd from the left. El is in the plaid dress. Our eldest and the 4 guys on the back row were all born the same year: 1988.
These 2 little guys are the great-greats. Braxton needed a little support from his dad for this picture. That little guy is a miracle. He is 6 months old now. He was born several months prematurely, but is coming right along. He looked like he had a great time today, had smiles for everyone. The other young gentleman loves to talk to people. What a conversationalist! We saw him and his parents on our way home at the Bass Pro Shop. He was sound asleep in the buggy!

and what is a family reunion without food...

Here is one of my contributions: a chocolate trifle, requested by our eldest. MMMmmmm...