Tuesday, June 9, 2009

VBS Day 2

The word of the day today is WORSHIP. Why should we worship Jesus?
Because of Who He is.

And because of Who He is, no one can do the things He can do.

We talked (and sang!) about 6 of the miracles He did. We wondered if Jesus' feet left ripples on the surface of the Sea of Galilee or if maybe His feet didn't even touch the water.

We wondered if maybe the only reason He turned the water into wine at the wedding was because He was an obedient son Whose mother had requested it.

We wondered if Jairus got his money back when he canceled his daughter's funeral. (We figured he probably didn't care!)

We talked about whether the crowd thought it was icky that Jesus made mud with spit and then rubbed it on the blind man's eyes. We figure the (formerly) blind man didn't think so! He may never have wanted to wash his face again!

I asked if they knew of any other of Jesus' miracles. I love to see how much they know. One young man brought up the soldier in the garden whose ear was cut off by Peter and then healed by Jesus. We wondered if it left a scar and think not because Jesus healed it perfectly. We wondered if it changed the soldier's attitude about arresting Jesus. Could he have been the same soldier who, at the foot of the cross, looked up at Jesus and said, "Surely this man was the Son of God."?

I think today, we wanted to emphasize that these are not just stories. These things were written down by eye-witnesses so that we'd know what really happened. I wanted our kids to put their imaginations to work and wonder what would it have been like to BE THERE.

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