Monday, June 15, 2009

Girls to Camp

I've been taking girls to Camp Garaywa for 12 summers now. This is the last time that one of those girls will be mine. El finished the 6th grade last month and that is the last year for GA campers. I can remember taking the eldest for the first time. She always enjoyed it so much. She went after the 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th grades.

There were a couple of years after that when one of my girls wasn't going to stay for the week, but somehow I was still taking Agricola's girls up there. Those years, Em and El just came along for the ride. When the eldest finished 9th grade, she would go back and work as a CIT (counsellor in training). Essentially, a CIT is free labor. They don't get paid, but they don't have to pay to come to camp, either. They assist the full time counsellors during the day, but don't have the same overnight responsibilities for the campers.

I remember the momentous year when all 3 girls were there the same week. Mr. H and I spent the week in Memphis having a glorious time. This year, they are going various places, but none at the same time. The eldest spent last week in Orlando. This week El is at Garaywa, and next week Em will be at youth camp in North Carolina. Next summer, Em and El will be together for summer camp again. I don't know what the eldest will be doing: possibly chasing tornadoes through Oklahoma! Time will tell.

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