Wednesday, June 3, 2009

VBS Preparations

Our Vacation Bible School starts next Monday. I have never been in a church that does such excellent job of preparation. They will be working all week to turn ABC into Australia.

This is our church sanctuary. There is another large poster of a train station on the other side of the tree. This is where I'll be leading the music stop next week.

This is a pass-through area from the old building to the more recent addition of the sanctuary. It is a suggestion of the Sydney Opera House. There is a big poster of the Opera House on the wall opposite these curtains.

This lighthouse had made an appearance in several bible schools and children's musicals since its construction (thank you, Mr. H) about 10 years ago.

This is a tree constructed for decoration in our fellowship hall. Yesterday afternoon the koala was in the top of the tree. He must feel safe enough here to come to ground level.

And with all those ladies putting all this wonderful stuff together, someone has to look after their little ones. There are always a bunch of kids here during prep week. Sometimes the big ones help with the decorations and sometimes they take care of the younger ones.

And these guys will be making an appearance!


  1. I remember that lighthouse! I do believe I was a starfish in that one, and your eldest was Billie the Squid. hehe. Good times.

  2. Wow, all that looks great. I bet the kids will have a wonderful time at VBS.